From Classroom to Consultation: Jo’s Multifaceted Journey in Education, Psychology, and Parenthood.


Jo began her career as a high school Geography teacher.  Jo gained a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sydney, with an honour’s thesis examining program design for gifted and talented students.  During her initial appointment to a small rural school, Jo became curious about how student behaviour changed in response to the teaching strategies she used.  Working with classes that ran the gamut of abilities and interests, Jo became adept at devising learning and assessment tasks that enabled all students to advance their learning and demonstrate competence.

Relocating to teach in Sydney, Jo completed a Master of Arts in Education at Macquarie University to deepen her understanding of instructional design and assessment.  In addition to teaching in a variety of high schools and supervising trainee teachers, Jo taught in the School of Education at Macquarie University.


Jo holds a Master of Professional Psychology from Macquarie University.  Jo has worked in private practice providing therapeutic support for young people on the autism spectrum and with ADHD and with those presenting with anxiety, ODD, perfectionism and depression among other difficulties.  Jo has worked as a school counsellor in mainstream schools, with students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, and in specialist high schools that cater for students for whom the mainstream system cannot provide adequate support.

Psychoeducational Assessor

The opportunity to provide psychoeducational assessments to a highly vulnerable student population and to work closely with a small team of teachers showed Jo how valuable assessments can be in developing strategies that enable teachers to capitalise on a student’s strengths while supporting areas of academic challenge.  It is the nexus between education and psychology and prompted Jo to establish a practice with a focus on providing comprehensive psychoeducational assessments.


Jo is a parent to 2 adult children.  The arrival of grandchildren has reawakened the fascination of watching children learn by interacting with their world with curiosity and confidence, qualities which Jo hopes to bring to her work with clients. 

Jo’s experience as a parent and teacher helps to ensure her recommendations are relevant and practical for families and teachers to implement.

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