The Assessment Process

Individual assessment plans are devised for each client in response to the referral question.

Individual Assessment Plans

Individual assessment plans are devised for each client in response to the referral question.  As such, the exact assessment process may differ from client to client.  The process outlined below is typical of a psychoeducational assessment.

Referral Question:  The referral question guides the design of the psychoeducational assessment.  You may be self-referred or referred by a doctor, your school or other professional.

Assessment plan: Jo will devise an individual assessment plan relevant to the referral question.

Initial consultation
1-1.5 hours

Jo will meet with the client and/or parent or primary caregiver to gather information about the client’s developmental and educational history, family background and current functioning.  This informs the interpretation of test results.

1-2 sessions
1.5-2 hours per session

The assessments administered and the length of testing time depends on the referral question and the attributes of the client. They will be detailed in the assessment plan.

If testing suggests that additional assessment may be warranted, these will be discussed with you beforehand and the assessment plan updated.

Feedback session
1-1.5 hours

Jo will present the assessment report to the parent/caregiver and the client where appropriate.  Jo will describe and explain the results, discuss the recommendations made and answer any questions related to the assessment.

Jo offers a free 30-minute phone consultation within 2 weeks of the feedback session to clarify any questions you may have about the report.

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